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One of the offerings of Dating Factory, a world renowned specialist of dating websites is Australia BBW

Our website plays a host to a great number of members who are either Big Beautiful Women (BBW) as the term goes or males whose ideal match would be a woman who fits into the BBW classification. Although this site caters mainly to those who live Down Under in the Australian subcontinent, you will definitely find a whole lot of voluptuous BBW’s from all over the world.

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All you need to do is register yourself and provide the necessary information which is then verified for authenticity and within 24 hours, you can become a member of our website. You will be able to browse thousands of available profiles of women who are looking for relationships, dates and even commitments. Feel free to use the advanced feature to find mates specific to locations, likes, interests etc. If you like your stay at the website, then you can become a Gold member or a VIP member each of which comes with its privileges.

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How safe is this Internet Dating Website?

Communication between members is not restricted or moderated and full privacy is assured. The data which the members have submitted is stored on secure servers located in Europe and is not sold nor is any Third Party Access granted. You can choose your privacy settings and be sure that your privacy is being guarded. Credit Card payments go through a secure payment gateway which eliminates risk of misuse or fraud.

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What can you do on the website once you are a member?

A member can browse through thousands of profiles of people looking to hook up or date within their geographical area as well as outside of their geographical location. The advanced search provides you with specific results as per your choice. You can add friends and buddies on the website and communicate with fellow members via mail and chat. Get romantic by sending your mate a card or just be flirtatious. The website also updates you on the new members so you know who has joined your community.

There is a higher success rate with online websites compared to looking for a date in the real world. Statistics have proved that nowadays more people, irrelevant of their age and location are meeting their match via the internet. So if you want to find your ideal match become a member of Australia BBW and get a date.